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Please read the following about pick up, shipping or delivery of your new baby ferret.
1.  Shipping is not currently available due to airline restrictions related to Covid 19. 

2. If you live in Va, WV, Ohio or Michigan, please contact us for delivery information. This applies to I-77 NC to Detroit. 

3. If you live on the east coast, you may contact Ralph Miller at and he can give you a quote for delivery to you if you cannot drive to pick up in person. Ralph travels to Texas and Ohio, also. 

4. Sometimes I have a road trip planned for some farm related reason, or vacation, and I can meet people to save them some distance.

5. If picking up in person in  NC please contact us to work out the best time for you and us.

Please note that we close Dec 1-31, and cannot hold ferrets for Christmas. I did not take early orders in 2020, but plan to take a limited number of preorders for 2021.

 Production this year was very limited due to the uncertainty of Covid 19, and possible stay at home orders. As of 9-20-20 we have 24 kits left to sell for this season.  

What you need to know, due to Covid.

Please bring a hard sided cat kennel or even a cardboard box (kits are still small), and have ample food and water for their trip home. 

I have ordered some cardboard kennels if you need one for transport. They are not suitable for long distances. 

We want to insure that no ferret contracts Covid 19 and transmits it to their new family members or our adult ferrets. Our breeder ferrets are separated from babies that may come into contact with the public. 

Please wear masks and practice social distancing.  We will sanitize all kennels that we reuse.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. By placing the ferrets outdoors for viewing and pickup, we minimize the risk of spreading the virus. 

If you do not have a mask, we have them available, as well as hand sanitizer. 

As is common these days everywhere, we ask that if you have been exposed to Covid 19 or are sick or have a fever, stay home until you are well.